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Creators on youtube now have a golden opportunity to grow their subscribers base very rapidly by using the youtube shorts  feature, so before moving any further we need to know what youtube shorts really are? Youtube shorts are vertically formated video which are under the duration of minute. Below is an example of a youtube shorts video from my youtube channel:

In order to understand more about youtube shorts, you need to first know about these three important metrics.

1.Click through Rate

2.Audiance retention

3.How many people chosed to view

So, What is Click through Rate? Click through rate means , how many people chosed to click on your video, just by looking at your thumbnail. You can find more details on my Youtube shorts Seo page to know more.


on the other hand, Audiance retention means, the amount of duration people chosed to view our video for. For a viral short, you have to make sure that a person view your video more then once. You can visit my Audiance retention for shorts blog to dive more deeper into the topic

Lastly, the first three seconds of our youtube shorts is now the most important part of your video. You really need to create a very strong hook in these seconds. You can see on my youtube shorts hook blog to know more about it